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Green Builder VISION House - Orlando '08

  • 10 - 02/16/08
    The Green Builder VISION Series House - Orlando '08 is being built by Westmont Homes for Roberto & Cyndi Carrion. This third house in the VISION Series will be a high-end architect-designed custom home, demonstrating that green can be not only glamorous, but also sustainable by considering durability and life safety in an active hurricane zone.

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August 01, 2007


Roseanne Hunt-Harkin

Thank you, Teresa Watkins has a wonderful uncerstanding of our eco/aquatic system. She's a talented writer, always interesting as well as a good photographer. I thoroughly enjoyed the article & photos.
Roseanne Hunt-Harkin
Atlantic Beach, Florida

Faux Wood Blinds Gal

Not sure what I enjoyed more reading your great post on water conservation or seeing all those great pictures. Wonderful site keep up the great work:-)

A Cute Angler

You took all of these pictures yourself? Pretty amazing. Especially the one of the lizards. I could never get that close, I'm terrified of most reptiles.

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