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Green Builder VISION House - Orlando '08

  • 10 - 02/16/08
    The Green Builder VISION Series House - Orlando '08 is being built by Westmont Homes for Roberto & Cyndi Carrion. This third house in the VISION Series will be a high-end architect-designed custom home, demonstrating that green can be not only glamorous, but also sustainable by considering durability and life safety in an active hurricane zone.

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October 08, 2007


Composite Sandwich

Green homes need to viewed from the entire lifespan of a product. For example: structural insulated panels (SIPs) have great insulation values, are extremely long lasting, and can survive natural disasters. This is great, and green.

However, SIPs and other sandwich panels can continue to be better for the environment by using better core materials. I imagine the 6.5" foam core used on the VISION house is EPS foam. Great insulation value, but as good for the environment in the long run as a Styrofoam cup

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we all need to be conscience of the environment when building a home. the quickest and most effective way is often the easiest as well.


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It's good to know that there is more effort being made to help with the construction of homes that aren't going to have as big a negative impact on the environment. Thanks for taking the time to create this blog post.

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